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How to Get Your Visitors to Stay on Your Technology Service Site

Only about 3% of visitors to a site turn into a prospect or a sale. Most of your hard work put into driving traffic to your site is actually wasted effort. Statistics have proven that if something draws a visitor in, resulting in them staying longer, they are more likely to buy something. There are ways of getting them to look around a bit because the last thing you need them to do is go back to the page they were at before reaching your landing page. In this article we tell you about just a few of these methods.

  • Strategic planning of placement and color of content on your site is more important than most people think. It should contribute to the feel of your site.
  • A tracking tool can tell you a whole lot of things about visitors to your site. With these tools you can see what they searched for, what interested them, if they found what they wanted. Every click, mouse movement and scroll is recorded for you to analyze and determine what the site needs to improve. You can even see where a client is lost which will start to give you a pattern if the fault lays with your site. This enables you to fix the problems that cause visitors to leave.
  • By displaying up to date information on your site they will want to read it immediately if it is something they are interested in. Employ smart or even funny content for this purpose. Making a visitor feel smart will stroke their ego which will make them stay longer.
  • Most web users access the internet from smartphones due to the fact that they have it with them anyway. For this reason your site has to be mobile friendly so this group can easily access it.
  • Video is known for its ability to draw the attention. This is a proven fact. It works because people love watching stuff. Keeping it short ensures that it will be watched throughout.
  • We need to remember that people want things to be as easy as they can be so using bigger fonts on your site will entice a visitor into reading your content. Why does this work? Bigger fonts make it look easier to get through.
  • Make sure your visitor lands on the right page for their search. If they have to search your site for the thing they are looking for they will leave and search for an easier option instead.
  • Find a different way of talking about your niche so you are completely unique. Visitors are intrigued by information they are interested in and haven’t seen before. Make yourself different by the use of quality and unique content.
  • To get customers to return to your site you have the option of remarketing with social media platforms. They offer ways of advertising promotions and other events to people who had visited you site previously.