Smartphone App Development

Custom app development is a process that should only be taken on by the professionals due to the simple fact that people who think they can do this successfully without years of experience is wrong. It takes some experience to be good at anything however you could benefit from the few tips I included below.

The Name

When choosing your name, keep in mind that the Android Market uses your name to identify you among the thousands of other apps it has available. If you know quite early on what your app is (many just start out with the want to create an app) and what you would like to name it you need to reserve your name of choice before your competitors may get the same idea.


Developers often believe they know best with regards to what their clients need and because of this they don’t really listen to what their client has to say, already planning the app with pre-conceived ideas that has little to do with what the client specifically wants (when dealing with a client with clients of their own). Your client knows what their clients like due to the fact that they have been in their field a long time just like you have been in yours for quite a while. Part of the experience gained is learning what is popular or preferred among customers.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

It is often tempting to bring a brand new niche into being but it is much less of a hassle and time drain to fit into an existing niche on the app market you are in. Keep in mind that it is better to work with what is already there than trying to break through something new.

Make it User Friendly

An app that has any type of difficulty in being used is one that will be uninstalled faster than it was installed to begin with. People are lazy and hate to struggle by nature so if you develop an app that is easy to use and offer great UI and UX you are sure to have a winner in your corner. You need to make your app as if you are making it for a seven year old. Once an app takes too much brainpower to be operated it will not remain on a device for very long, unless working the brain is what the app was made for initially.

Beautify It

Always keep in mind that something pretty will always draw people in. This point has been proven time and again. For this reason it is a wise idea to have graphics and pics to get them to download it upon release. The layout for devices often wreak havoc on the appearance of a great looking app and for this reason you need to make sure that it looks pretty throughout all devices that can access or use it or it may be distorted.

Promotion or Marketing

This tip is one of the most important to apply before you even release. Without promoting your app it won’t get any attention. Get the word out by any means necessary. Phone up old friends, use your current network, open a website or at least a page on an existing site, open social media accounts, call press releases, whatever it takes and what is within your means. All of these methods are great tools to use in your marketing campaign but there are many more just as useful. Think out of the box and make things happen.

Choose an Operating System Platform

Both Android and iOS mobile app development has its pros and cons and it is up to you to decide which will be the best for you. Android is considered the most shared while iOS boast the largest number of apps. This means that you will really need to do your homework in this regard. Also keep in mind that cross platform mobile apps are also a possibility that will ensure your app enjoys the best of both worlds. Whatever you decide you need to design your app accordingly.

Testing Extensively

Being a new field, the testing of your app could be quite daunting but with the help of tools like Artisan it may become much easier.

The App Offline

An app that can still be used offline is a winner. Offline usability ensures increased UX too and is sure to leave you with many happy campers due to the fact that they can still do what they need to with your app in offline mode.

Grid Usage

In design outlines are always a great help as it assists in centering and lining up all of your features perfectly and you can also use grids to give you an idea of what screen sizes will do to your design. You will stay consistent with your perfect lines from one page to the next which goes back to a pretty app.

What the App Lends

You need to ask yourself if the app is actually one that makes the life of the user easier. Many less than kosher smartphone app development companies just jump into app development without checking if their app actually offers value to those it targets.

Stick to Just One Thing

In the world of mobile device application development the one mistake many make is that they try to add too many features and functionalities into one little app. This way it becomes a bit watered down because none of the features are perfected. You end up with a bunch of features of no real value


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