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Remarketing services
We’ve all noticed it- you visit a web page, and afterwards, advertisements for that page seem to be attached to every other page you visit. What you have noticed is basic remarketing. Remarketing is a great way for advertisers to keep their information with individuals who have visited their page, but may not have purchased anything from the site. Remarketing is able to be customized by creating conditions that allow advertisers to narrow their target demographic for a specific campaign down to select users most likely to be interested in the campaign. Remarketing is successfully used by some of the biggest e-commerce sites on the web, (including Amazon and Ebay) and is a tactful way for businesses to keep their brand in front of clients who have already shown basic interest.

Boon Info Tech offers a comprehensive scope of remarketing services perfect for every ad campaign, big or small. Common requests such as conversion tracking, PPC monitoring, and ad submission are available to assist growing companies redirect the time and energy spent on maintaining a PPC campaign into other more relevant business functions. Additionally, Boon Info Tech offers complex services for companies who aren’t ready to turn over the full management of their PPC campaign, but need more specialized knowledge in the more complicated areas of remaketing configuration, such as campaign improvement modification or optimizing landing pages.

Boon Info Tech offers complete retargeting ads, including campaign development and management services. Our expertise ensures that businesses spend their ad dollars on the users most likely to convert, rather than throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks.


Boon Info Tech includes monthly updates that outline critical statistical information regarding your campaign’s impressions, clicks, and conversions. In addition to this monthly service, a one hour phone call regarding the monthly statistics is included in the agreed rate to ensure that you have a full understanding of the information provided to you.

Pricing & Partnering

Boon Info Tech operates on the philosophy that each online remarketing design is unique, and requires special attention to ensure all of the campaign’s individual needs are being met. In order to ensure each campaign is getting the service and attention it needs, all remarketing services are priced on an individual basis according to the ad’s specific needs. For more information on remarketing pricing, or information about how to partner with our company, feel free to contact us via the e-mail or phone numbers listed in our Contact Us page.


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