Publications on the Internet

All over the world the favorite way to get the day’s news and other information have become an online pleasure. Online publications have really seen an increase in online readers over the past few years, demonstrating the growing comfort of users to follow the online route with anything and everything. Electronic publishing further assists in everything being in one convenient place for easy access.

Gone are the days when we had to carry around and entire bag or suitcase so everything would fit. They are now on our smartphones or laptops, a much smaller medium than what it used to be on. Ordering a physical publication online is still a possibility for those who prefer the feel of the actual paper but more have converted to the downloadable version or one you can read directly on a website.

The problem we face here is the market you reach online is already familiar with most online publications. The challenge is getting offline readers to start using the online versions. This is especially important when we are all trying to minimize our carbon footprint and live more green.

Promoting an Electronic Publication Offline

  • By using QR codes in the physical copy, the reader may be curious enough to actually scan the code and because you linked it to your website they are free to have a look at the online version. Maybe that one taste is enough to convert them to online users.
  • While you have a team busy promoting your publication out there anyway, let them also promote your online version. They have to be trained to know exactly how to access and use it so they can accurately relay those instructions to the client.
  • Redesign your business cards and letterheads to include details about your online publication so they can look at it when they have a chance.
  • When at exhibitions or seminars ensure you have an offline copy of your electronic version that you can hand out to potential customers on a disc or a USB drive. This will introduce them to the online version of your publication without them having to go online.

Promoting an Electronic Publication Online

  • Your publication should be released when your target market is most active on social media.
  • Before you release it, create hype about your publication. Market it in advance so your customers will know what makes your product unique while they learn what to expect. Contests are just one way of achieving this.
  • There is nothing wrong with paying to have your content promoted if you can afford to but this should be part of your budget anyway.
  • By using hashtags you create a link that you can easily follow to see what is being said about your publication but at the same time your customers can see what it is that people are talking about.
  • No method is an automatic selling machine. Selling your publication involves hard work by you. Do not skimp on work.