PPC Audit Services

PPC Audit Services

PPC Audit ServicesThe success of PPC advertisements relies on a variety of components; when a problem crops up within the coding or other aspects of your campaign, finding the solution can be difficult. Additionally, unidentifiable profitability or visibility issues within PPC campaigns can also be frustrating, and lead to further issues if left unattended. When it comes to finding a way to solve a PPC problem or simply trying to enhance the efficiency of your campaign, partnering with Boon Info Tech is the right solution for you.

Our PPC audit service is perfect for companies who do not want to stop managing their PPC campaigns, but are at a standstill with campaign success. Our PPC audit services are designed for online campaigns that are poorly configured, lack visibility, or have not achieved their ROI for any reason. By reviewing relevant PPC data and comparing it to your campaign, our qualified staff of tech gurus will happily examine the components of your online campaign, and offer advice on the areas that can be enhanced.

Audit Inclusions:
  • Confirmation of properly installed conversion and tracking codes.
  • Identify and assess key factors in your account that are pertinent to the business’s goals.
  • Notate wasted spending across the entire campaign, and advise how to avoid future waste.
  • Keyword recommendations.
  • Provide scripts to manage and monitor your various campaigns from .
  • Recommend successful remarketing tips to help improve the campaign’s ROI
  • Calculate the significance of any current ads based on content, and offer recommendations.
  • Review the overall campaign structure, settings, and effectiveness, then offer recommendations.
  • Display ad recommendations.
  • Determine the campaigns Google quality score and offer recommendations
  • Extensions evaluation and recommendations.
  • Recommended daily, weekly, and monthly management tasks to optimize campaign profitability.

At Boon Info Tech, we take our audit commitments seriously. We understand our customers pay for specific campaign information to assist them in addressing distinct issues within their advertisements. This is why for all PPC audits, our perceptive team compiles a 15 to 20 page document, which highlights your PPC’s areas of weakness, complete with suggestions on how to correct them.


Every campaign is different, so it’s impossible to quote a one-size-fits-all price. The price of the service will vary depending on your keyword volume and number of accounts to be audited across different PPC platforms.