Online Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Whether you profit from a business or whether you do it for the love of the cause you will need to market it to make money for the cause. Nonprofit is a tricky business as many people still stick to the belief that charity begins at home, resulting in less money being given to charitable organizations, especially in times when the economic climate is very unpredictable or just plain bad.

Making money is easier said than done when there are no funds for marketing because as we know, nonprofits usually struggle to make ends meet as it is without having extra expenses they cannot afford. You have to be aware of the fact that Google has grants that help nonprofit organizations to be able to afford Adwords. This grant may go a long way in getting your organization on the internet very soon. Even though some jobs are better done by the pros, many tasks can be self-done. We have compiled this list so you can easily see which steps you can do yourself and which you have to get a team or company in for.

Some Steps Involved in Promoting a Nonprofit

  • Setting up a website is an essential part of promoting your organization. By signing up for a Google grant with the use of your registered charity number much of the fees involved may be taken care of.
  • Using videos in your campaign is a great way to show potential donators or sponsors what difficulties are faced and how you plan to improve it. A visual is always a good idea when you need to prove a situation. It also carries with it the emotion evoked from the problem and its results which is not the case with other types of media. If you have a camera that can deliver high quality footage or if you can borrow one this step is one that you can manage yourself if you know what will resonate with people most.
  • Put your video on YouTube. They also have a non-profit program for the benefit of charities that need to use the services YouTube offers. This program will give you access to exclusive features that you would have to pay for otherwise.
  • Add a way for people to donate on your social pages like Facebook. This is only effective if you have a huge following on the platform so if you don’t have one already, you need to grow it.
  • People love to prove how clever they are so if you add something like a quiz people can take that leads them to your webpage after they have finished, you should see your quiz shared over and over which means more people may be led to your page. Make sure that the quiz isn’t too long and reveals something about the person taking it. They need to be able to share their results on their social pages. This will also entice those with a competitive spirit to take part.