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Local marketing is the smartest way for local businesses to achieve optimum awareness in their surrounding communities. An experienced SEO company is able to list your company as an in demand and relevant member of the community. The experts at Boon Info Tech have advanced knowledge and experience selecting the best keywords to increase the visibility of your company among the local community. Our services are based on key optimization stategies that target the key areas of local online marketing including maps optimization, Google Places optimization, and more!

Be Found with Local Online Marketing

We put your business on the map, literally.

ls1The day and age of traditional print marketing has come and gone. Today’s most successful sales have been proven to be linked directly to tactful online marketing, leaving word of mouth advertising the only other method of advertising as effective. The majority of local consumers are searching Google and Yahoo to determine where they want to spend their money. Because search engines are the top method consumers find their goods, having an extremely strong online presence in the local search engine listings is imperative to driving business. The only way to do this is by putting your business on search engine listings and configuring your company’s site and information properly. Boon Info Tech has a trustworthy team of skilled SEO technicians who are experts in the art of increasing business traffic by means of local online marketing, and offer these services at a highly competitive price. At Boon Info Tech, we put your local business on the map-literally.

Be Competitive

Rank above your competitors.

ls2As the times hurtle into the possibilities of technology, more local and medium sized companies are turning to online marketing as their most trusted source of advertising. At the same time, more consumers are trusting search engines to give them the best local options for the services they need. The internet has become the most consumer friendly marketing tool available. In order for any businesses to remain competitive, SEO optimization geared towards the surrounding local market is a fundamental component to driving sales. Businesses not found in popular online listings such as Google Places are at risk of allowing potential return customers choose an industry competitior due to lack of available information in the right places.

Get More Business

Boost your local awareness and your earnings.

Search engines are now known to be the best way to increase your company’s visibility in the surrounding community and drive significant revenue. Statistics show that 50% of all searches are conducted to find a local business, and that 61% of those searches result in a sale. Those are staggering statistics considering the increased amount of physical and virtual customer interation that could result. The days of traditional advertising have become obsolete, leaving companies who still use traditional methods of print advertising behind the compeititors. Due to the fact that 61% of local businesses do not have a website, companies who have invested in local online marketing have a far greater chance of advanced revenue.



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