Google Play Store Ranking

In the world of Play Store ranking as with ranking of any other kind, it takes hard work to effectively get boosted to a higher position. If your app has been out for a while and you haven’t really seen downloads there may be some reasons. The most likely one is that your app isn’t ranked high enough but there are ways of changing that and in this article you’ll see how google play store ranking works.

  • Do research on your keywords. You need to check out short-, mid- and long tail keyword to see which will work for you.
  • You always need to watch your competitors. The closer, the better. When you see what your competitors rank for, you can do it better making you rank higher than them.
  • Stay in constant contact with your customers. If they post a review or comment, respond. This shows them that they are important but also gives you a way of taking care of issues before they cost you too many customers.
  • Keep track of your successes and failures. This way you will know what works and what can be dropped. This translates into less time being wasted on useless methods.
  • Optimize the page of your app. The title of your app and snapshots that show the app in ‘action’ are among the most important factors for promotion of your app. Keep in mind that factors such as the app description, downloads and app title are used by the ranking algorithm.

There are also three major things that you can rank for.

  • A specific keyword: Finding the perfect keywords is very important as this will play a big part in how many of your customers will find you. Apply the principals taught for SEO to improve mobile app ranking dramatically. You will need to make use of keywords that people are more likely to use in search. The best way of doing Play Store Ranking is by using the best among the best keywords in your title and the rest in the description.
  • General Ranking: Installs and uninstalls are considered in ranking so you need to make sure that a download sticks by delivering an awesome app or the Play Store engine will know that your app isn’t of much use because it is regularly uninstalled.
  • Reviews and ratings: This is quite self-explanatory but I’ll say it anyway. If you deliver a great product people will leave great reviews and ratings but if it happens that you receive bad ratings and reviews for whatever reason, fix the issues and tell your users that the problem has been dealt with effectively. This way you will also build loyalty and get an opportunity to take care of faults before they ruin your apps reputation.

In the end it comes down to the quality of your product and the amount of work you put into making it easy to gain access to. If you apply all the steps effectively, there is just no way that it will fail.


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