Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalty Recovery Services

While Google plays a huge role in directing traffic to your web page, there are times when it can also get in the way. For those of you who have seen a dramatic drop in traffic to your site, the reason could be because you have been temporarily removed from Google’s list of trusted sites. As a site owner, between manual spam blocks and and algorithmic penalties, it can be difficult to discover exactly why you were penalized and what needs to be done to fix it.

Boon Info Tech offers a specialized Google Penalty Recovery Services to help you make your way back to your old stance in the listings. Our unnatural link removable solutions are an affordable and fast way to earn Google’s trust back and retrieve your rankings. Our Google Penalty Recovery Plan includes the following services:

Full Analysis of Back Link Profiles

Having too many poor quality or untrusted links are one of the factors that may cause your site to be penalized. Our knowledgeable staff will search your page for any “bad” links that may have made their way onto your back link profile, and create a detailed report regarding our findings for our client to review.

Manage Over-Optimization

While optimizing your web page is generally believed to be a good thing, when too much optimization is added to a web page it can cause the site to be flagged by Google. Some sites may become over-optimized due to anchor text issues, keyword stuffing, or too many irrelevant keywords

Removal of Black Hat Techniques and Spam

Needless to say, if your site is hosting spam or being optimized with any “black hat” techniques still used by some SEO firms today, it is only a matter of time until Google’s algorithmic methods spot the issue and remove you from their listing. Many of the common black hat tricks currently being used on the internet include invisible text, link farming, and malicious links. High bounce back rates trigger the attention of search engines. In the event that links were maliciously placed on your site and have been redirecting traffic, it would only be a matter of time before the search engines caught on. As bad links are removed from the site, a full report is generated to explain the details of how it arrived on your webpage.


Once the site has reach the point where it is clean of any malicious links and over-optimization, Boon Info Tech is also happy to do the legwork of getting your site reconsidered by Google. Our helpful staff will contact Google Webmaster for you to begin the process of earning your rankings back.

The entire Google Penalty Recovery Services is priced at an unmatched total of $395 per month- by far the best price on the market without sacrificing the quality of service. The entire recovery service takes a short 120-150 days, allowing you to affordably repair your relationship with the search engines, and be back on your way to managing your site.



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