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The Online Entertainment and Games Scene

When we talk about the online world of games and entertainment we are talking about a market that has more competition than most other markets. The consumer is inundated with options available to them and the one factor that plays a huge role in what their choice will be is what is currently trending.

The Trend Following Crowd

When we say a subject is trending it is just another way of saying that it is being talked about and shared on social media, a lot. This is basically the modern word of mouth and as we all know, this is the oldest yet most effective method of marketing there is. People see something they like and then talk about it with friends and family that share their interests. There are many ways to get people talking about the game or form of entertainment that you offer but you need to offer something worth talking about.

Getting Your Brainchild Trending on Social Media

  • Come up with something new, fresh and totally awesome. Something that will have people sitting up and taking notice.
  • Share the best clips and samples you possibly can with people all over social media. You may even share demo versions or sample chapters of whatever it is you offer. This will help people see if they actually like it or not.
  • Stay active on all social media platforms. If you get comments on it, answer them. Not only does this refresh the post continuously but it helps to get the item talked about. If someone looks at the talked about stats, it would seem like your item has been talked about a heck of a lot because of the simple fact that you replied to the comments. Suddenly 8 replies become 16 replies etc. Now people start looking at the product to see what it is others are talking about, adding to the amount of views and the conversations around it.
  • Keep on keeping on. Never give up. If you believe in what you offer and you keep at it, chances are people will start believing in it too. It just takes the right views at the right time to make your item trend and the chance of having it viewed by the right niche market is increased immensely if it is constantly visible. At some point in time it has to draw the right people’s attention.

If you have followed these steps and you haven’t seen people talking about it yet, it probably means that people are not buying what you are selling, literally, in which case you may need to re-evaluate the entire concept. Don’t give up yet. By tweaking your product, you may develop it into what it was supposed to be and people may then be interested. Market it differently so that those people who already saw it and didn’t like it knows that this is something different or they will scroll past it without looking at the changes you applied.