Ecommerce – Driving Loyalty and Traffic

This term is used to describe any kind of buying and selling of products, services or information that involves the internet or a social platform. Because you are exposed to a world market you may run a simple ad campaign and still reach a huge market. There are many ways of doing this and with a bit of ingenuity you are sure to figure a few new methods too but here you’ll see a method commonly used.

The Method Most Online Businesses Use

As the saying goes on about failing and planning and planning and failing…this is very true for most situations in life but it rings especially true here. You need to plan a strategy that will be effective in the promotion of your business. In order to find the one that is right for your business, you will need to set some goals in order to keep the planning focused throughout.

Split your possible customers up into similar groups and target each group individually. Each group will be targeted at a time and in a way that will work best on them specifically. By finding out what each of the different groups like and talk about you may work out a tactic specifically for each group.

You need to find the issues in your campaign and look at ways of fixing it before it costs you clients. By balancing all of the tactics used in the promotional campaign and combining it with great prices and products, services and information of high quality you will guarantee that customers will line up and keep coming back repeatedly.

Why Organize Promotional Campaigns?

By using information gained by way of research about behavior and preferences of certain groups, you may win these groups over as customers and even repeat customers. Just remember that keeping them on as regular customers will require you to work at keeping them happy all the time.

With a promotion you usually come up with better sales strategies and they do not have to cost a lot to pull off successfully. By using public events like Christmas and Valentine’s Day you can capitalize on something that happens anyway but many others are doing the same so you need to stand out in your uniqueness.

Up to 98% of visitors to a site don’t necessarily translate into sales. They may return later but initially it does not give you a sale. By welcoming these visitors with a promotion like a discount for filling in their email addresses you do not only get their information to add to your customer database for future email marketing purposes, but they are motivated to buy and in many cases return later.

Engaging a lead in this way is a great if you want to generate some word of mouth too. It enhances their shopping experience which they will remember and in turn they’ll remember your online store. Other incentives you may offer are gift certificates with purchases, free shipping and even discounts after reaching a set threshold.