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Dependable And Affordale Storage Space

Brand Development

Boon Infotech identified two issues cash flow and staying consistent in terms of time and effort which means no fancy ads on the site, no short cuts to boos the traffic. This gives customers a consistent felling and premium customer experience

Identifying the Customers

Space Please identified their target market as the urban professional. Print and video content of the site was optimized. Visual branding is equally as important as storytelling branding.

A Modern Take on an Established Industry

Passion for the band is clearly recognized by the audience.Passion is an important factor but committing yourself to remaining constant is key.

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Got an Idea? is a website that offers the most dependable and affordable storage space. They are proud to lead the movement for all those seeking affordable, secure and private storage for their goodsWe discovered two issues during the process of brand developing that needed immediate attention.

These were:

More money and better efforts were needed: They needed a bigger cash flow for the project and also more work had to go into it. It was apparent that creating a reputable brand for a website selling storage space for a variety of things would require more time and money. I was a long term investment and wouldn’t be an overnight success.
Staying true and consistent: In their attempts to stay true to their brand, Space Please remained consistent and opted to not use the placement of ads and service on sale on the site. In so doing they kept the brand as consistent as was possible in the provision of premium customer experience

The solutions:

As an entrepreneur who knows how important building a brand is to a company, Eric laid out a couple of actionable steps that he had started on with the help of his team when they got into Space Please’s brand building project.
Focusing on your market: You have to know without a doubt who the brand should appeal to. Space Please identified their target market as the ‘urban professional’ so all of the branding efforts were focused on meeting this market’s needs.

Print and video content of the site was optimized: All the materials that Space Please provided for use on their site told a compelling story about the brand and in doing so promoted their authenticity.
Visual branding is equally as important as storytelling branding. Space Please and the team invested on the brand’s complete design in this regard. These investment areas included their logo, website, merchandise, emails and business cards as well as advertisements to name a few.

In the end:

During this case study we learned that passion for your brand is clearly recognized by your audience and when they notice the effort that went into the creation of the said brand they are sure to find the brand appealing.Passion is an important factor but isn’t enough to build a strong brand such as the one Space Please has

Committing yourself to remaining constant is key. Without the willingness to commit to upholding your brand and the culture of your company, you are similarly not willing to develop your brand. Boon Info Tech makes a point of getting the message across that commitment to the building of your brand and all of those challenges are cardinal to the success of the brand and sometimes you have to say no and just stick to that.
Slow and steady is sure to win the race in brand development and if you recognize that investing in long term plans is the wise choice, you are sure to commit to the brand fully. Initially you will spend more on PR kits, business cards and the physical development of your brand but in return you will gain loyal customers, a brand that everyone knows as well as profits from increased sales in the long run.

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