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Red Dirt Diesel

Automotive Performance Parts Store

Leading Challenges

Time we have to commit on a regular basis in order to keep the categories sorted according to customer demand

Positive Relationship with Clients

Overcoming the competition by developing a personal relationship with the clients.

Customer Loyalty Program

Implemented loyalty points for customers which give incentives to come back along with an email campaign.

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Action description

To start with we had to develop the clients brand positioning, their messaging and allover visual idea. We planned out a sitemap as well as user flows for five very diverse target audiences. A strategy and some designs were created for desktop as well as mobile app platforms to give the site visitor the best experience on either platform. We also perfectly executed the marketing plan in order to acquire users for said platforms.

What we had to overcome

Red dirt diesel is an importer of auto parts. Their products come from highly experienced European manufacturers and it is then distributed to companies all over Australia with the use of their website.
The leading challenges for this site are the time we have to commit on a regular basis in order to keep the categories sorted according to customer demand due to the constant fluctuation and change thereof.
Another struggle we faced was the management and maintenance of the positive relationship between our client and their dealers and customers. As an online store the client faces plenty of competition meaning the client has to rely on the personal relationships with his clients to rise above that. These personal touches include personally contacting his dealers, asking for details, arranging orders, do extensive follow ups and according to that information, inventory decisions can be made.

Our approach

With the use of Klaviyo we started to send out cart abandonment emails. We invested too much into this website to have customers enter the site and then leave without making a purchase. Klaviyo was also implemented in the tracking of his email marketing campaigns.

We implemented a system where the customers were awarded points for each action they completed. For instance, they would earn loyalty points (as part of the Customer Loyalty Program) if they create an account, refer new customers or when they make a purchase. This gave them incentive to do more on the sight than just come and go.

The small things matter

As strong believers in the ‘law of reciprocity’ (if you do something positive for someone, they will be psychologically inclined to return the favor) we do positive things for the customers. These things do not have to be extravagant by any means. Simple things like handwritten cards accompanying the order, a small free gift with a big order and on occasion we can send the most valued customers a gift randomly just to show appreciation for their support.


The most important thing we learned here is that product curation is the key point that should be started on in e-commerce. In this way a person gets to know what it is the market wants and by using these curated products to assist visitors in discovering new products based on what they prefer.

We also learned that asking for help should not be something to be afraid of as long as you make it clear that the other party will get something out of granting your request. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

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