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Strategy and branding

By using the striking look
and strong message 'The
Bold Difference in Your
Brand', the website was
instantly recognized and
recalled by its target audience.

Initial Launch

The initial launch of the website
turned out to be a huge
success and keept the
brand's momentum going.

The Big Burger

Everyone knows him, most
love him, and even more
people around the world
are eating one!

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Description : 

This company was well-established to start off with and was globally known for the manufacturing of colors, flavors and fragrances but decided to partner with Boon Info Tech to do something fresh. Consumer trends continue shifting towards all things natural and the company recognized that they would need to evolve their brand in regards to both their product offerings and its positioning if they wanted to pursue a top position in the restaurant marketplace industry.

After information was gained with market research, Boon Info Tech formulated a strategy and tactical plan to reposition Hammer Pizza in its market by using the website’s introduction.

Strategy and branding 

Seeing that the market craves food colors that consistently deliver boldness in their natural range of color – color that is relied upon by the restaurant industry in serving as a hallmark of their brands – a website was created that promoted the difference in quality and precision.

In conjunction with professional in-house developers, a visual brand was developed which reflected the company’s revived position while standing out among the food marketplace websites. By using the striking look and strong message, ‘The Bold Difference in Your Brand’, the website was instantly recognized and recalled by its target audience.

Not only did we define a consistent, branded look among the marketplace website companies, we also applied our vertical expertise of the marketplace and technological background in the development of a custom Sample Request System that would enable a possible lead to request samples of the product which in turn would give Hammer Pizza the ability to track all relevant data.

Initial Launch

The initial launch of the website turned out to be a huge success and keeping the brand’s momentum going was important. With Hammer Pizza well established as the premier marketplace website, a concept was evolved that appealed to the audience’s need to brand their very own products, partly with colors used in their own food and beverage applications.

Take Away

By doing our research and using specifications a fantastic idea took form. Due to the research we soon realized that our partner, Hammer Pizza, had been targeting a smaller audience than the audience that had, in fact, been available to them. Taking that research and adding in our experience and analysis of their brand and market, we put together a strategy that was based on our belief in the value of custom content and shifted the design of Hammer Pizza from a niche, yet beloved, brand to a household name.

That strategy is now well-implemented meaning we can move on to the monitoring of consumer engagement and sharing and in the process we are noticing the results of an expanded reach. Hammer Pizza content are being shared across social media platforms and even on personal websites. The name ‘Hammer Pizza’ is no longer simply associated with professional food products but rather, by using the service offered by Hammer Pizza, you show that you are part of a community who value food of high quality.

It takes a lot of time to transition a company from a smaller yet beloved brand to a household name but we have confidence that by adhering to the laid out strategy, regular assessment and adjustment and content being created for them continuously, Hammer Pizza will have a wider audience adoration just as it deserves which will make it worth all the hours and care expended on this brand.

Have any questions about our accomplishments with the Hammer Pizza brand? Are you curious about further results? Give us a call today – 866.888.4949. We’d love to tell you more.

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