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911 Tutor

Connecting Students and Teachers Internationally

A revolutionary idea needs a revolutionary brand

Boon Info Tech teamed up with a very talented entrepreneurs to build a brand in the educational sector.

Redefining Education

911 Tutor is a pioneering service that teacchers and students have never been come across before. It was absolutely vital to create a stable platform for efficient communication between students and teachers.

More than just a multi vendor solution.

Positive and enriching user experience and an intuitive design since the aim was to create a platform with video and audio capability.

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911 connects students and tutors locally as well as internationally as it is known as a multi-vendor online tutoring platform. The website’s operating costs are covered by a percentage that they keep from the sale price the vendor got paid by his or her student. The goal of the site is to connect students that don’t have access to tutors because of various reasons with private and professional tutors. This service brings the students options and a chance at a better future.


They needed the site to allow vendors to sign up and offer their tutoring service for sale to the students. This marketplace web store had to be built over a custom PHP solution to enable it to run with multiple vendors that wanted to use the platform. The sites admin have control over every aspect of the vendors and their products to better showcase the service in the best possible way and increase the online sales in the domestic and worldwide market. There were very specific issues we had to overcome with this marketplace platform namely:

Every vendor had to be able to choose which subject they will tutor and the method they will use. The methods include live video conferencing or audio conferencing and the site should be able to identify the best vendor for each student.

The platform had to be able to split a quote up into multiple quotes depending on whether it was added into the account by various vendors. This would make order addressing, fulfillment and the tracking progress more streamlined and easy to follow.
There was to be a faultless payout flow to the vendors after completion of each job that was completed by them.

It had to contain a customized subject section in an integrated blog page.
The system of promotion needed to be based on commission.
Have a look at the video:

The chosen approach

The key to success on this site was creating a positive and enriching user experience and an intuitive design since the aim was to create a market for vendors to sell their services directly to interested students. This was achieved by collaborating with the team of and working hand in hand for the duration of the design and development process and together we built a portal of great functionality and good looks.

During the cycle of implementation the following sections were covered:

We created a well-organized catalog classification with pages specific to each vendor.
We made banners that the vendors could manage themselves by changing the charges for example.
We added a giftwrap facility which can be bought for certain subjects.
The customers got a multiple wish list.
Vendors have the ability to manage their placements.
We added a vendor panel that contains the vendor’s profile, products, shipping information, payment information so they can receive their money, orders, invoices as well as purchase orders.
The payout flow was optimized.
The integrated and customized blogging platform was designed to closely tie-in all content publishing, articles, guides and recipes where everyone on the platform could benefit from it.
The payment gateway was integrated into the site.

The end Result

Now, when promises high quality tutoring services conveniently available by the use of this portal, it is a promise the student can trust in. The vendors can also display their services for sale easily on the portal ensuring their customers are reached without difficulty.


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