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A prospective client contacted me this past February 2014 who said that their site has been up in visitor numbers quite well since 2000. Their traffic experienced excellent growth that doubled each year to a point where they had about a million views per month but in February 2014 it dropped with 40%. After trying everything they possibly could to recover those levels of traffic, they haven’t been successful up to the point where we got into contact

  • Check and Compare With Well-known Updates
  • Look At a Larger Timeline to Find Other Possible Causes
  • The Equivocal Reality
  • The Effect of Cascading Impact
  • How to Solve the Problems Associated with Cascading Impact Losses
  • The Super-Signals of SEO
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Delivery Services


" is one of the leaders in worldwide shipping and courier delivery services and they collaborate with the three biggest shipping companies worldwide. Boon Info Tech was approached to improve their online presence in Google."

  • An SEO audit was performed to identify all technical issues on-site and also backlink issues that may exist off-site.
  • We fixed all issues that were found during the SEO audit.
  • By checking for big names that ranked on the first page like Wikipedia or Fedex we established which niches are competitive.
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