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More than 8 million downloads and valued more than USD 3 million

Customer Loyalty

Posh Mark tried this method and decreasing
their incidents of card abandonment from

51.18% to 30.95%

proves the efficacy of
the method.

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Posh Mark is an online market place for buying and selling fashion.

For prices way better than what you’ll find at discount clothing retailers and others like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx you can find anything your heart may desire. Find your item of Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Mac Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville and many more brand names on this site. They add over a million dollars’ worth of slightly used and brand new merchandise to their marketplace on a daily basis.

The Challenge

For Reduction in the Number of Cart Abandonment Incidents: Getting Past the Shopping Cart Abandonment Issue Could Net 65% More checkout conversions.

Posh Mark sells a huge variety of quality fashion items in more sizes and styles than you can imagine. As an online app that attracts a wide market – from the affluent to the less affluent – they face the challenge of attracting customers from all walks of life that would stay to buy from the app instead of entering and exiting multiple times without actually buying anything before coming to a point where they make a purchase.

The major challenge:

Multiple visit shoppers: The abandonment was at an incredible 51.18% in 2015 because of the shoppers visiting the app and leaving without making a purchase.

The Solutions

Because the App has to appeal to wide range of market types an equally wide range of steps had to be taken to ensure the right cart abandonment notification would be sent to the right market type at the most opportune moment they came up with the following solutions.

The solutions used by Posh

Subscriber segmentation – The cart abandonment notification was split into three segments in order to target the audience at different stages of cart abandonment and in so doing insuring increased efficacy.

  • Product category abandonment: The cart was abandoned while the customer was browsing other products.
  • Shopping cart abandonment: The abandonment of the shopping cart occurs as the customer adds an item to the cart.
  • Checkout abandonment: The abandonment in this case occurs when the customer fills in their information as they prepare to checkout.

Email personalization – Segmenting the subscribers would be of no use if the exact same content was sent to all of them so Posh Mark invested into revision of their email content that would be sent in the following ways:

  • Product category abandonment – This email is sent the day after the abandonment occurred and includes an image of the product, a Thank You message, a call-to-action button that says ‘Shop Now’ and three different options to continue buying.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment – The email for this stage of abandonment is sent after 48 hours of abandonment and consists of a header, a headline, a call-to-action button saying ‘Copy’ and a list and images of the items that was in the abandoned cart.
  • Checkout abandonment – The email is sent 24 hours after the abandonment and lists the products that was in the cart at the point of abandonment and has a call-of-action button saying ‘Copy to Shop’.


This simple case study outlines the importance of not only sending an email after a visitor abandoned their cart but customizing it in a way where you are sending the appropriate email to the right visitor at the most opportune times.

By sending the above mentioned emails you encourage customer loyalty and in addition increase conversion. Posh Mark tried this method and decreasing their incidents of card abandonment from 51.18% to 30.95% proves the efficacy of the method.



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