IHRA Case Study


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IHRA Australian Supplemental Rules

This app is in essence the Official IHRA Australian Supplementary Rulebook. It holds all general and class regulations of drag racing as used in Australia wherever IHRA sanctioned facilities can be found.

IHRA, the biggest drag racing company in Australia, approached the Boon Info Tech team to design and develop an app for the rulebook as part of their branding. We had to maintain the general and class regulations. We needed to give users the ability to register in the app with the use of a simple SMS and in addition it needed built-in social sharing options to help to get the word out and in so doing build the campaign profile. They also needed a microsite developed in conjunction with the app in order to demonstrate the number of downloads.

Simple, yet stylish design was incorporated into the IHRA app which was natively built for iOS in order to display all rules and maintain them.

In order to promote the user engagement and ease of communication, the app had to feature cutting edge technological solutions.

We used the newly launched iBeacons technology to develop an app that promoted the core values of IHRA. When they utilize iBeacons the users are capable of unlocking additional content located throughout the app which is based on their location at an event. They can also unlock IHRA’s core rules which are linked to the company’s brand image and links out to success stories. Once these are unblocked users are granted access to a wealth of digital content which includes images, videos and supporting text.

All rules related to safety are clearly marked with a yellow triangle to immediately draw the attention of the user.

If a rule is clicked on it displays all of the details pertaining to it including any and all relevant drawings and/or tables. You can then click on the technical drawing to enlarge it to full screen at which point you can zoom in to find specific details of interest.

The Results

  • They had national news coverage in top tier publications like The Sun and The Drum.
  • They had 14 000 downloads on the day of the app’s launch.
  • They experienced a seamless integration process and utilization of iBeacon technology.
  • The project took just 30 days from the date of inception to the finished product in order to meet a very strict deadline.