Hammer Pizza Case Study


How the Marketplace Mobile Application was built.

A well-established company known globally for manufacturing food flavors, and a piizza chain partnered with Boon Info Tech to make a marketplace app for food ordering and deliver.. With consumer trends shifting toward all things natural, the company recognized that, in order to pursue a leadership position in the restaurant market place industry, it would need to evolve its brand, both in its product offerings and positioning.

Informed by market research  Boon INfo tech developed a strategy and tactical plan to reposition Hammer Pizza in the market with the introduction of its website and mobile apps.

Recognizing the market need for food colors that could be relied upon to deliver consistent, bold, natural colors—colors that restaurant industry rely on to serve as hallmarks of their brands—we created a website that touted the difference in the quality and precision.

With professional in-house developers, we developed a visual brand that reflected its revived position and stood out among other food marketplace website and mobile app. Because of its striking look and strong messaging, “The Bold Difference in Your Brand” website and apps was recognized—and recalled—by the target audience.

In addition to defining a consistent, branded look among all market place websites companies, we applied our marketplace vertical  expertise and technology background to develop a custom Sample Request System that would give leads the opportunity to request product samples and provide Hammer Pizza the ability to track relevant data.

With the success of the initial launch of the website and apps, it was important to keep the brand’s momentum going. Having established Hammer Pizza as the premier mareketplace entity in Germany, we evolved the concept to appeal to the audience’s need to brand their own products, in part with the colors used in their food and beverage applications.

Requirements for Your App

Every building needs a foundation and this is the starting point for building a mobile marketplace app too. The foundation for this process is list making. You need to list every requirement for the application. The client was present for this step as they knew exactly what they needed. The requirements for our auction app development were as follows:

  • Perfection in the sense of UI (user interface) with smooth animations throughout.
  • The simplest bidding process we could possibly come up with.
  • The UX (user experience) needed to be easy to understand especially in the creation of new auctions.
  • We needed to create a simple filter system that should be super easy to use.
  • The app needed tools for searching and filtering that sorted search items quickly while the process remained extremely simple.
  • It needed to be simple to integrate into social media.

How This Was Achieved – Onboarding Tutorial

The goal was to create a marketplace app that would be simple to use from the very first try, by anyone.

To ensure that the very first user experience flows seamlessly an onboarding tutorial was developed. It visually describes the basic functions to the user assisting in the easy navigation and use of the platform for first time users.

The Hint System

To further assist the users of the app in the operations and navigation of it a hint system was created. This system explains everything the user need to know about the app they are using.

The hints in the app will help the users better understand the information of the marketplace while giving extra term information which some of the users may not be familiar with.

The Most Important Factor is The User’s Experience

A vital part of any app is the user experience as previously mentioned. For the purpose of meeting the requirements described in the previous paragraph a lot of thought had to go into the UI design of the app.

By hitting the app button you are instantly exposed to a neat design full of smooth and casual animations.

Smart Categorization

We created an array of categories that the client would need.

The items available on the app are grouped by categories. One item could be associated with up to 3 diverse categories.
You can easily change the categorization of any item by simply swiping or moving a horizontal picker in the navigation bar.

Filter It Out!

In order to assist the users in searches that are as efficient as possible we developed a user-friendly and clever system of filters. You can play with the price and location range using a two-sided slider making it extremely convenient.

Apart from these tools you can also sort your items according to price and the level of popularity of the items by the time they were released on the app. Because of the fact that the backend service is so fast, all searches will yield instant results.

Smart Chat System

An automatic system creates a chat between the vendor and the client. This can be used for negotiating and detail discussions as well as the submission of the deal.

Apart from this handy function you can start a chat with any of the restaurants directly from the details screen if you need to clarify specs or details pertaining to an item.

Quick Access and Control

People in general love to feel that they are in control. We in turn like things to keep going smoothly so the biggest emphasis was placed on these two points in the development of our mobile marketplace application.

By going to the ‘User Profile’ area the users can easily review their shop’s list at any time. In addition they can also check their sales history, edit their profile, customize their push notifications and easily integrate with Facebook.

Main Features

The Functions the Buyers Love

Optimized Search and Filtering – The app allows a user to quickly find what they want with the help of the search and filtering systems that was created after developers put a whole lot of thought into what these systems needed to be capable of. Thanks to the speedy backend those who search with these tools will never be delayed in getting their search results as they are displayed in the blink of an eye.

A Safe Shopping Environment – Ensuring that you are dealing with reputable, honest people you can rely on when trading in any manner whatsoever is of cardinal import and for this reason an emphasis was placed on the creation of a safe shopping environment in this app. The ranking system allows any user to choose buyers and sellers with good ratings. This assists greatly in helping the users to avoid scams that may cause later conflict.

The Functions the Sellers love

Completely Free Listings – Yes, that is correct! Placing your ad is free! Complimentary! Available at no charge! Create as many projects as you want to and pay exactly $0.

‘Viral-Friendly Environment – Sharing your placements on your social networks can’t get any easier. Social media was integrated into the app in a way that will prompt you to share, share and share! Remember: Sharing is caring and on social it is called marketing.

Reputation First System – By use of this system a seller can build a reputation by working hard and being honest. Public ratings that depict the ratings of a seller to potential buyers which will result in them being chosen over their competition. With good ratings your sales would skyrocket real soon!


We started with a few requirement specifications but a fantastic idea and did our research.  That research convinced us that the audience for our partner, hammer pizza, was bigger than they’d been targeting. So we took that research, added to it our experience and analysis of their brand and their market, and put together a strategy based on our belief in the value of custom content and designed to shift HammerPizza from a beloved, but niche, brand to a household name.

Now that that strategy has been implemented, we’re monitoring consumer engagement and sharing; we’re seeing the fruits of an expanded reach. Food lovers are sharing HammerPizza content across social media platforms and their personal websites. And the HammerPizza name is no longer merely associated with professional food products; rather, when you use HammerPizza service , you signal your membership in a community of people who value quality food.

The transition from a beloved, but smaller, brand to a household name takes time, and we’re confident that with continued adherence to the strategy, regular assessment and adjustment, and continued content creation, HammerPizza will be loved by the wider audience that it deserves, making all the time and care expended up front completely worth it.

Have questions about our work with hammerpizza? Want to know more about the results? Give us a call today—866.888.4949 we’d love to talk.