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The Mobile app designed for ProBenefits allows the participants of the FSA and HRA plan to check their account balances and submit claims for reimbursement as they continue with their day. They can easily attach all pictures of receipts and other claim documentation to the actual claim with the use of the app.

  • How the Study Was Conducted
  • Framework Development for Evaluation of Mobile Health Apps
  • Findings of the Research
  • In Conclusion
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"How the Marketplace Mobile Application was built."

  • Requirements for Your App,
  • The Hint System,
  • The Most Important Factor is The User's Experience,
  • Smart Categorization,
  • Filter It Out!,
  • Smart Chat System,
  • Quick Access and Control,
  • Main Features,
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IHRA Australian Supplemental Rules

This app is in essence the Official IHRA Australian Supplementary Rulebook. It holds all general and class regulations of drag racing as used in Australia wherever IHRA sanctioned facilities can be found.

  • They had national news coverage in top tier publications like The Sun and The Drum.
  • They had 14 000 downloads on the day of the app's launch.
  • They experienced a seamless integration process and utilization of iBeacon technology.
  • The project took just 30 days from the date of inception to the finished product in order to meet a very strict deadline.
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Religare Securities

Religare, our client, wanted to capitalize on the use of technology in order to reinforce their position of strength in the trading space.

  • The Business Challenge
  • The Client Overview
  • The Solution
  • The Business Benefits
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