Bing Ads

Although Google is the world’s leading search engine, that doesn’t mean smaller engines such as Bing should be ignored when configuring a PPC advertisement. Bing searches make up about 20% of the searches completed on the existing search engines,which averages to just over 3 billion searches performed on Bing monthly. Only configuring a PPC campaign to appear on Google ran software, such as Adwords and Adsense, leaves large gaps in a campaigns reach and visibility. In order for companies to truly present their brand to the entire online market, campaigns must be geared toward Bing to avoid any potential holes in the campaign.

Partnering with Boon Info Tech is a great way to create a new campaign that includes Bing on the list of compatible search engines. Our experienced team of Bing Ads Publisher know exactly what it takes to create a top ranking Bing ad, and always treat our clients PPC campaigns as though they were our own. For companies who already have an existing PPC ad and are interested in expanding their visibility to include Bing searches, Boon Info Tech is ready to help. We understand that some PPC campaigns are designed with a few holes that may need to be patched in the future. Our staff of skilled PPC techs are able to quickly and efficiency take any existing Google focused campaign and adjust it to become a top ranked ad among Bing search engine spiders.


Our Bing PPC services include a series of value added services offered to our clients on a monthly basis. Every month, Boon Info Tech issues a comprehensive report of highlighting the Bing campaigns number of clicks, keyword performance, impressions, and conversions in order to give you an inclusive understainding of your campaign and investment.

Pricing & Partnering

Boon Info Tech is a Bing Search Advertising company operates on the philosophy that each campaign is different, and therefore must be treated as such. In order to ensure each campaign is getting the service and attention it needs, all advertisement’s are priced on an individual basis according to the ad’s specific needs. For more information on Bing PPC pricing, or information about how to partner with our company, feel free to contact us via the e-mail or phone numbers listed in our “Contact Us” page.


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