What are These B2B Strategies and How Are They Useful in My Campaign?

Business to business advertising campaigns are very hard to run effectively but with the right tools it may be much easier to achieve. In this piece we will look at a few of the strategies used and explain why they are as effective as people say.

Lookalike targeting – In this method a profile is built with the help of programs like Facebook’s Ads Manager or Power Editor. This profile is modelled based on your siteor page’s visitor and purchase data which are basically used to find more visitors and buyers like them. This method helps you by bringing you prospects that is similar to the clients you have already lined up meaning that such prospects may already be ripe for the picking, so to speak.

Multi-graph targeting –By using the lookalike method above, the audience is further narrowed down to the specific audience you want looking at your ads by layering on details such as search history, behavioral data and social data. It works in the same way as lookalike targeting above but further refines the targeted audience to ensure you will have more interested parties percentage wise.

Social Graph Targeting – By using social sharing tools, data can be gathered of individuals that may also be interested in your product. How this works is, someone may share something of interest to them with a friend or colleague that may share interests in the same things. We do not share stuff with people that will not be interested, right? By extracting the data of which things were shared with which people, the said data can be used as info of a prospective client that can be presented with ads that you introduce your product in. This method is a great help in the sense that it gives an indication of what people are interested in and you will know immediately if a person is interested in a product or service you offer by what their friends or peers share with them.

There are many ways of effectively targeting your Business to Business market but when you think long and hard you are sure to come up with many more ways of doing it that no-one has ever even thought of. As in business, originality and knowing your target market is key in finding new ways of approaching a prospective client.