App Store Optimization

What is app store optimization? In simple terms, it is the process of making your app more visible in the app store it is featured on. Even with thousands of competitors sharing the same space.

How is this achieved? You can hire someone to better your app store rankings. The guys and girls that offer these kinds of services have many steps that they apply to ensure your app is easily seen in the app store. Below I discussed a few of them.

  • About The Title

This piece of metadata is by far the most the most important one you can create for your app. The title and the icon is the first thing a user will see about your app which makes it, in essence, the face of your app. For this reason it needs to give an idea of what the app is about or what it does to draw the prospect in so they take a closer look at your app.

  • Describing Your App

The above the fold part is the one part that the majority of users will read in the end. The problem is that there is only enough space for about two sentences which isn’t much. You need to describe the use and benefits of your app to the best of your ability by using those two sentences.  You can use keywords where applicable but keep in mind there isn’t space for keyword stuffing. You need to use words sparingly.

  • Keyword Use

In this part of it I need to mention that Apple has a separate section for particular keywords whereas Google Play doesn’t. This benefit is one to use wherever you can even though you only get 100 characters. When your words and characters are so limited every little bit helps. A few ways of making the most of these characters include single keyword use where long tail keywords are excluded, separate the keywords with a comma without a space, not using keywords already contained in the title and not using noun plurals.

  • Localized Keyword Use

Use keywords that are specific to a country and a language. Both the iOS and Android stores have stores specific to each country. This method could very successfully increase the download of your app greatly.

  • The Name of the Publisher

The App Store algorithm uses a publishers name to find a relevant search result. If you have published great apps for a specific niche, this can work to your benefit in a great way.

When all of these steps are implemented correctly, your mobile app optimization will be successful in getting you more downloads. You could find your keywords with the help of sites like Tune, App Annie, App Tweak, Sensor Tower and Keyword Tool. Among these you are sure to find the site or sites that you prefer to use to find keywords for your mobile app SEO. Having the right company handling your app SEO goes a long way in it being done properly ensuring ultimate efficacy


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