5 Simple Steps to a Targeted Email List – video

In a world where mobile is getting more and more popular we can easily forget about the benefits of email in marketing. In fact this method remains one of the most effective ways of marketing to people. Push notifications is an easy way of getting a message to your users but they are very intrusive too so using them regularly is not an option.

Some turn them of due to this fact. Email is another, better method of massaging your users. They can be contacted in connection with special offers, updates and many others. The benefits associated with an email list for marketing purposes are endless. In this post you will find 5 ways of expanding your list to inspire you.


Pay a Service to Create Your List

Before talking about strategies for purposes of building an email list we should have a look at services at your disposal for list building. Maybe you are considering doing everything on the cheap aka DIY or BCC of the entire contact list but this is sure to get you blacklisted faster than you can send a mass email. Using one of the services mentioned here is a much safer bet. They are sure to save you money and a lot of frustration.

If you are a newbie services such as Aweber, Constant Contact and Mailchimp are suitable choices. They are cheap but effective and will supply everything needed to kick off with. If you are earning a bit more cash and require advanced features in the fields of automation and segmentation, services like Ontraport, Drip or Infusionsoft may be more your speed.

They are quite a bit more expensive but provide a more comprehensive set of solutions than just a list for email purposes. Once you have found your service of choice regarding email marketing solutions you can start the physical construction of the list.


  1. Opt-Ins on Your Site

You will need a website for your app marketing efforts. If you do not have one yet it is by no means game over yet. You should go as far as having your website before you even start to write any part of your app code. When your website is up and running the time for collecting email addresses has arrived. The following are steps you can use for collection of email addresses on your site.

*On Your Landing Pages – Building landing pages for a certain purpose gives you the opportunity to test messages that pertain to marketing but it also gives you a way of gathering peoples email addresses. Make a deal with your visitors. Give them something they will appreciate in exchange for their email addresses. If you are strapped for cash using free landing pages or themes that have a singular charge like Optimize Press are great options. If you do have some cash to burn getting a paid service is a better option. You can use LaeadPages and Unbounce for this purpose. A landing page can house your welcome gate, your 404 page and many others.

*At The End Of Your Blog Post – When the blog post is at its end you can add a short area to ask for the readers’ email address and you are sure to get it as you have their attention or they wouldn’t have read all the way through. Continue on the tail of this momentum and keep the conversation going by asking them to subscribe to your email list. You can offer something that they may value like a PDF, a regular newsletter or another item as compensation.

*In Your Sidebar – The call-to-action placed on your website’s sidebar will probably have the lowest conversion rate of those placed on your site but you have some ways at your disposal to improve these rates of conversion. Firstly you can use popups that covers the entire screen if someone selects your banner. This is sure to get them to opt-in once the sidebar button was clicked. Secondly the banners on your sidebars can be made to scroll along with the screen. This way the user sees it the whole time that they are on your site. For this purpose you can use the Q2W3 plugin with WordPress which will turn a call-to-action tab on your sidebar into an element that scrolls along. As a final point you need to find out what is most effective by testing button graphics on a regular basis. Adrotate Pro and similar plugins can be utilized to alternate your banners automatically and it will indicate which ones are most effective.

*In Popups – Most people consider popups a deterrent due to the fact that it is an irritant to users. Some will give it a miss but they are in the minority. These popups are a great way of gathering the email addresses you need. There are a few out there that are quite affordable and some are available at no charge. One great example of such a solution is SumoMe.


  1. Using Surveys to Collect Email Addresses

If you frequent meetups and conferences you are more likely than not used to entering the needed info into a list manually. This way will quickly chase away new contacts, lower your rate of email delivery and get people to lodge spam complaints against you. There are better ways of getting the info you need without an internet connection.

iCapture and apps similar to it will help you to grow your list by creating surveys and opt-in boxes for your email list by joining with the email list service or the CRM you use. You and your team can now collect email addresses offline while at the event and when you have internet connection at a later point, you simply upload it. It can also sync successfully with Salesforce.


  1. Enticing With Giveaways

Everybody loves free stuff and this is why this method can be extremely successful even if you just started out. Facebook has loads of contests with enormously high rates of conversion. You should get some ideas when looking at them what will work best on Facebook. When opting for giveaways you need to first make sure that it complies with all local laws.


  1. In-App Email Collection

Making it a requirement to leave an email address before they can access your app is not allowed so you should find different ways of acquiring the wanted info. Some charged plugins ad some code to your app to produce an opt-in box in your app. Building such a box isn’t too difficult. Learn how it can be implemented and find the best ways of getting people’s email addresses.


  1. Implementing Facebook Apps

On your Facebook page you’ll have the ability to add an opt-in for emails with the help of Facebook apps such as LeadPages that enable you to utilize their landing pages as you would Facebook forms for the specific purpose of collecting email addresses.

In Conclusion

Hopefully these tips will go a long way in helping you build a list for purposes of email marketing which will ease your connection to users and increase your cash flow.

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