10 Stats to Keep in Mind When Marketing To Your Male Audience

10 Stats to Keep in Mind When Marketing To Your Male Audience – The Infographic

When the group you are targeting consists of only men you will need to understand how they purchase. This is critical in the marketing of your service or products to males but may not be the easiest thing. How men shop and what their shopping carts consist of are not always as easy to guess as it may seem. To use an example, it is widely believed that men don\\u2019t bargain hunt which may not be very accurate. We checked out some stats received from many different sources and they indicate that, in fact, men actually seek out bargains every now and then but their approach differs from the one women take.

A report released by Microsoft states that young fathers between the ages of 25 and 40 see their decisions influenced by the results they find on the principal search engines. This means that company owners should use a mix of PPC or pay per click and SEO or search engine optimization tactics to effectively reach this demographic through search results. In their efforts to do research on products most of them use social networks, this according to a survey by Performics, which is a marketing services firm based in NYC. This survey was conducted among 1000 social media users. What we learn from this is that businesses need to implement social media in their efforts to get their story told, the story about their business and its products.

This will go a long way in giving interested men an idea of what a company can offer what their competitors may not be able to. You need to get hold of the relevant data for your company so you can alter the shopping experience you offer both online and offline and make it suits your male market better. Keeping this in mind you should also take a look at the following ten stats that will shed some light on the behavior men show in the purchasing process:\\n\n

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