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Our 3 step approach to
growing a brand online

Our website design, mobile app development, and digital marketing services deliver results and convert visitors into customers.

We tailor our digital marketing services in order to send targeted traffic to your mobile app and website and in doing so qualified leads are generated to assist in the growing of your business.

When you are looking at growing an online brand you will need to drive qualified leads to your site or app. Having a user-friendly experience is an important part of a business strategy in all sectors but even more essential to having a strong conversion rate is generating relevant traffic.

We are considered a full-service digital agency and as such we provide a strategic approach to the driving of traffic. We integrate Search engine pay per click (PPC), optimization (SEO), email marketing, targeted display advertising and social media campaigns through various coordinated marketing campaigns. This allows your clientele to be targeted according to your brand's needs, whether that would be through local, national or global targeting will be determined by your product or service and your needs. Feel free to have a look at examples of what we have produced for our clients and this will give you an idea of why we take pride in the achievements of our marketing team.

The way we design websites, develop apps and utilize digital marketing services deliver tangible results and converts visitors into customers.

Our website design, mobile app development, and digital marketing services deliver results and convert visitors into customers.

The second step we take in the successful building of your online brand is converting your incoming traffic into an actual lead or sale. Any measurement that engages a user with your brand can be defined as a conversion. This includes everything from a purchased item or a requested quote to the scheduling of an appointment.

By conducting a thorough competitive analysis our team is able to take the time to identify your brand's position in its market. The information gathered is then used in designing a conversion funnel which encourages the visitors to your website to become customers.

We have web designers that specialize in the creation of layouts with better usability, stronger content and calls to action that compel the visitor and these methods are all proven to increase the rates of customer engagement and acquisition.

We bring your visitors back to your site or mobile app with the use of email marketing and retargeting and content marketing solutions and in doing so we increase brand loyalty and lifetime customer value.

Our website design, mobile app development, and digital marketing services deliver results and convert visitors into customers.

The third and final step in growing your brand into a success online is to get your customers and visitors to return continuously as we touched on in the previous paragraph. By generating recurring traffic you ensure that you build a trusted relationship with every member of your audience.

In most industries on the internet, less than 2% of the initial visitors convert and the average conversion rate of returning visitors are at an average of 6% which reinforces the importance of capturing the interest of your users. Building loyalty with your audience helps to cement a repeat revenue model that is easier to maintain than acquiring new leads for your business. The services we offer, which include website design and digital marketing, will ensure your customers will keep coming back for more after their initial visit. The services we provide initiates trust in the brand you represent by the use of remarketing tools that re-engage customers who are already familiar with your business and what it offers. Seeing that we practice what we preach at Blue Fountain Media, we apply these identical brand building principles to our own company too and in doing so we have seen it flourish into the renowned full-service digital agency it is today from just a tiny website business in NYC.

We are focused on driving tangible result on behalf of our clients and in the process we grow their online brands which in turn create long term relationships with them. Contact us to see how we can partner with you for improvement of your company's digital growth.

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Internet marketing services that yield significant ROI

Internet marketing and website promotion are great techniques that are reshaping how your customers interact with your brand.Boon Info Tech offers proven Internet marketing strategies that not only enhance the face of your business, but, more importantly, generate profit for you.

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